This week we asked one of our competition winners Dee to write up a recipe we spotted on her Instagram. After her prize arrived she started baking different healthy treats and one we just had to share!

I started my Instagram page @makeanddee 3 months ago as I realised a lot of people had taken up training in lockdown and were struggling to hit their Protein target – myself included!  I started weight training in January and adhering to a high protein diet which absolutely contributed to my muscle gain. I believe strong is the new skinny.

Protein helps reduce muscle soreness, promotes muscle repair, and helps boost glycogen storage. But it also keeps you fuller for longer because it reduces your level of ghrelin – a hunger hormone.

I love to bake and creating high protein snack is so much fun! I was lucky enough to win a couple of bags of Juspy recently. Honestly, I feel like I manifested it, as I was out of my usual chocolate protein powder and was craving chocolate! 

I had heard of Juspy and was planning on buying some, so it was totally serendipitous! I love the rich chocolate flavour Juspy gives to a recipe without the need for further cocoa to a recipe. I have used it for these truffles, in my Oat Protein Ball and my Power Muffins Recipes with great success. 

In 3 weeks, I will turn 39 so winning a two months’ supply of a gorgeous cacao and collagen supplement with 17g of protein per scoop was amazing! Juspy is gloriously chocolatey and anything that will help with decreasing collagen is the best. It’s mad to think that you start to loose collagen from the age of 25!

This is not an ad; it is truly something I have tried and loved. I entered the Dr.Coys and Juspy competition on Instagram because I was curious about the product and wanted to see the difference from the protein powders I already have.

I love to make healthy treats like pancakes, butterbean cookies, Juspy truffles, chocolate hummus and much more. But I enjoyed making these Juspy truffles so much I wanted to share this simple recipe. There is only 87kcal in each, 5g protein and 8000mg of Collagen.

Juspy Truffles


3 scoops Juspy

12 Pre-soaked dates (in hot water to soften)
150g Oats
4 tbsp Peanut Butter
1 tbsp Melted Coconut Oil
2 tbsp Cocoa Powder for the recipe, extra to roll the truffles in.

Presoak the dates for ten minutes in hot water to soften.

Blitz in a food processor to a paste.

Add the remaining ingredients and blend until they come together, adding a little water if required.

Roll a tablespoon of the mixture into a ball in your hands then roll in cocoa powder to coat.

Refrigerate for 1 hour then enjoy!