Marine Collagen The New Hero Ingredient on Everyone’s Lips

When you hear the word collagen what do you think of? Probably Botox and lip fillers? Or maybe not. Maybe you are one of the new trend of people hearing about the wonders of collagen as a nutritional supplement. I am one of those people too.

I started taking collagen powder in 2015 as a substitute for other protein powders. I hated the taste of whey proteins and most of the plant proteins at the time smelled like socks. Collagen for me was a way to keep my protein intake up after exercise. It helped my body repair itself. It helped my connective tissues heal after a c-section and childbirth. I loved it even more so because it mixed with everything and had no smell and a neutral taste. I used to add it to my smoothies and even my coffee.

When it came to product development for Juspy there was no question that it had to be in there. There are so many reasons why. Here are some of them:

Building Blocks of the Body

Collagen makes up the building blocks of the body. While we are all lucky enough to have collagen making capabilities in our youth, as we get older (even though 25 is far from that) we begin to lose it. That means we are constantly losing our ability to produce it on our own.

The Type 1 collagen that is in our bones, tendons and ligaments and skin and weakens over time. For our skin it is responsible for its elasticity, firmness and smoothness.  For most of us that means that we lose the plump nature of our skin, our bodies start to creek more and we need more help nutritionally to move and recover better.

Where does marine collagen come from you ask? Common sources are Marine (fish) and Bovine (cow). Does the marine collagen smell and taste like fish? Interestingly enough yes and no. It all depends on the grade of collagen peptides you take. For the higher grade powders there is no odour or taste of fish.

Collagen for Skin Health, Hair & Nails

Aging of the skin is inevitable. We cannot stop that train. However, there is nothing stopping us keeping our skin looking vibrant, hydrated and healthy. This in turn helps our little fine lines plump out naturally. Collagen can help the skins firmness and elasticity and help support our efforts to look fresh faced beyond our years. Marine collagen is made up of amino acids: lysine, glycine and hydroxyproline, anti-oxidants that can help with inflammation and protect against cell damage.

Collagen for Sports Nutrition

While so many people are aware of the benefits and recovery properties of protein post exercise, not enough are aware of the benefits of collagen for the same purpose. It can be used pre, during or post exercise for fuelling or recovering after. Collagen has been linked in various trials to muscle building, joint and connective tissue protection, athletic performance improvement, anti-inflammatory activities and satiety affects (Weishardt 2020).

Collagen for Joint Health and Reduces Inflammation

When we think of joint health we may say to ourselves, sure I am only 35 what do I need to care about my joints for. Well the truth is, if you are moving and if you exercise you should be concerned with keeping your joint subtle and healthy. Today more than ever, the world is a more health conscious place with more and more people are running and walking regularly and recreationally. Collagen may keep your joints in great shape and we pile on the km’s on the road and on the bike.

So all in all we truly believe is an all-rounder, a hero ingredient that has benefits for most. Especially if you are over the age of 25, want to look fresh faced with beautiful locks and healthy nails. Especially if you move your body and want to be able to keep it that way. Inside out it is great!