Shall we take a pause?

There are moments to where we need to take a pause and put our minds on reset. In this day and age, we worry too much, even about the smallest of things. Worries about health, work, life, etc. can make us feel stuck and cause us to struggle to take steps forward. 

Our Juspy Cool Beans is a recipe that creates a delicious coffee mix that will make you feel alive. With the right amount of our protein blend and a taste of expresso that lifts you right up. You will get that feeling like you are committing permissible indulgence and not worry that you are consuming too much for your health. Indulge in this quick recipe below!


40g | Juspy Collagen & Cacao Protein Blend 
Double shot espresso | Coffee
300ml | Milk of Choice
Handful | Ice


Blitz 40g Juspy, your milk of choice with a double expresso in a blender and serve over ice. Simple as that.

Other Suggestions

Use your favorite milk be it almond, oat, hemp or coconut. Feel free to change up the amount of ice. The biggest decision you can make here is to serve on ice or blitz it with the ice. It’s a personal choice of course. May we suggest you make it both ways and see which one suits you.