May I introduce you to our 3rd award for Juspy since we launched it in October 2020. Hopefully this is a good indication of the year ahead.

This time our magic powder has been given the title of ‘Food Innovation Product of the Year’.

Why is it innovative – well let me tell you.

The main reason is our unique combination of fantastic ingredients that make this health food blend taste like health shouldn’t.

The second reason is we do not offer you a supplement you ‘should’ take. We offer you lifestyle nourishment you will crave. A product that gives you autonomy in your DIY health efforts.

There are so many ways you can use Juspy. Here are a ways people use it right now:

1. The breakfast club – the on the go smoothie lover that like to cram a lot of health into one shaker so they are set up for the day.
2. The coffee club – the 11am-ers who use our Juspy to kickstart their morning.
3. The 3pm slumpers (like me), who use it to reset their day.
4. The post-workout peeps. They reboot and recover with 8g collagen and 17g protein per serve.
5. The hot cacao club – the wind downers, hug in a mug snugglers.

So there you have it. Juspy is fabulous and you need it in your life.