Life Letter No.1

First child born, what a surreal experience to witness.  After 30 hours of labor, my wife, a strong independent woman who had prepared well for the whole affair was well and truly spent.  As the magical weeks went by at home with our little joy-boy I couldn’t fathom how Siobhan was functioning so well. 9 months of extreme nutrient depletion, traumatic surgery and chronic sleep deprivation are all specifically prohibited forms of torture by the Geneva Convention…yet women go through it all the time.  I’m in awe of them. It’s partly why I decided to specialise in fertility preparation for infertile couples years ago, I love working with motivated women who are strong enough to ask for help. I’m here to tell you…most women today enter pregnancy unprepared for the task and unaware of the ferocious nutrient demand placed on their bodies by a human being growing inside them.  If you don’t enter pregnancy fully nourished you cannot catch up once it kicks off…period!  This is the case for most moms today. The net result is your body will sacrifice itself for your baby, and it takes a long time to recover post partum…some never really get back on top.  Nutritional Therapist like myself will readily tell you how common a pattern it is to encounter a client whose health took a dive after they had a baby.  This, when you boil it down to brass tacs, is ultimately due to nutrient depletion. Dial into that how difficult it is to prep for 3 meals a day for a growing family and to get it right…to make sure you have the right food, with the right nutrition, that can be easily prepared by a tired and wired mom or dad at the right time.  It’s no easy feat.
As a nutritional therapist it’s fair to say I was able to give my wife a bit of an advantage in that I knew the right food to look for and where to get it, but even at that I’m not much good at logistics so we often ended up with nothing ready to eat for lunch or dinner, and so often when travelling and needing a quick nutritious pick me up there was nothing available that satisfied our needs.   You really have to stand in awe at how bad the food selection is around the country in places like pit stop garages and local town shops, short of a waxed apple there’s often nothing worth eating there…unless you consider bread to be acceptable.  I guess it’s better than nothing. If Juspy had been around back then…14 years ago…we’d have been sorted, and my wife would have been able to relax in the knowledge that at least the gap was being filled and her energy restored with something good…and nice…until we could get home for dinner! It’s hard to get a nutritious drink that tastes good and has nothing bad in it…but Leonie has managed to pull that off. Guys…if your wife has just had a baby…or is about to have one…stock up on this stuff, she’ll love you for it!!
Brendan O’Brien NT MSc

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