Wellfest 2018

Earlier when I was thinking of a topic that could start the Juspy Life Blog it was so clear that it had to be Wellfest 2018 – our first outing into the big bad world of commerce. We have been at this so long now behind closed doors that it was such amazing validation of our efforts.

Ireland, as you may remember, was covered in snow not so long ago, however, as we entered the Royal Hospital Kilmainham on the evening of the 11th of May it really felt like a distant memory. The sun was beaming up high and there was a sense of calm busyness about the site for Wellfest set up. There were Vendors around doing their thing – making their little, but hugely important space, perfect before the doors opened to the public on the Saturday morning.  Security and the other ‘heavies’ were all in black, shades on and they were continually strolling around lifting and assembling tents and various other contraptions.

One thing that stood out straight away as we drove up to the Wellvillage tent was the Spinning tent and its hundred bikes. Across from that then were the rebounder trampolines and the main stage peering down on us all. Our set up was pretty quick, we weren’t getting product delivered until the next morning so we had to simply set up the ice buckets and staging and off we went back to the hotel.  We were so excited but equally apprehensive about the what ifs – what if the product does not arrive, what if people don’t buy it, what if people don’t like it (we really knew the last two were just ridiculous. 🙂 )

By now, we have taste tested Juspy Nourish a thousand times and we were pretty sure that it was really good but we had no idea how good it really was until Wellfest tasted it. I am buzzing even thinking about it. From the minute we started serving, sampling and selling on Saturday morning people went crazy for it.  We have been working on the recipe development for over a year and this is the 17th commercial version of the product. So this was a big pat on the back for all the stress, the hard work and the countless trips up and down to the production facility to get it just right. And it is … just right. We are so proud of it.


On Saturday morning we all arrived in uniform, yellow sprinkled everywhere. Niamh, Shane, Sharon, Leonie and Sarah were ready to go. “What is it?” curious mouths would say after equally curious eyes gave us, and then the stand, the quick once over.  Then they would see the shot glasses and hear sounds of “hmmmm oh dear god that’s gorgeous,” which brought even more curious passers by. That’s the way it was all weekend. “It tastes like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange!” “No an éclair.” “No a melted energy ball.” Other comments were sceptical “there is no way that is healthy.” To which replied “It really is, no stabilisers, no additives, no refined sugar, 11 amazing ingredients, each with a purpose to nourish you inside-out.”

It was great once we got into the swing of the good vibes how brazen I became. After spotting Davina McCall I approached her with a few bottles, to which she later Instagrammed “By the way that drink you gave me was simply delicious.” Nice! Joe Wicks had some, as did Roz Purcell, Patrick Beech, to name drop a few.

The icing on the cake for me was my little girl Beau coming up on the train for the first time with nana and granddad. With her branded Juspy yellow dress she took her spot behind the counter and said to every single passer by “would you like to buy some, would you like to buy some.” That’s my girl! After all, she was the inspiration for this whole journey and was heavily involved as chief taste tester for every stage of product development. Over all the two days were amazing, we went with a giant fridge (and Yeti) full of Juspy Nourish and pretty much sold out. We cannot wait to get our next batch out there on the 5th of July!


Go raibh mile maith agat to anyone who tried it, bought it and gave us feedback at Wellfest. Our gratitude is, as Beau would say, ‘to the moon and back.’


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